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This Style Requires Action

October 05, 2018

This Style Requires Action

If You Preordered One

Paula Ryan Summer 2018 Collection
Microjersey Jacket

If you've ordered one of the Microjersey Jackets, either online after reading about it in the newsletter, or ordered one in store, then we had it especially made for you. If it was in Black, White, or Navy, then the great news is, it's already on it's way to you. Hopefully, you can wear it this weekend.
If you ordered Greek Blue, it will be here with the lunchtime courier.

If You Didn't Preorder

Paula Ryan Summer 2018 Collection
Microjersey Jacket

If you didn't preorder one, then here goes.
This jacket sold so well simply because it's a great cut, versatile and easy.
It really is a cracking jacket. Over and above our presales, we managed to have some extras made in White, Navy and Greek Blue. They are available online or instore.
It's light, washes easily and doesn't need ironing. It's great in the heat and on cooler days, I wear mine with a merino underneath. As you can imagine, it will be versatile.
Once again equally at home with jeans, cargo pants, a tailored pant or a short black skirt.

Go On, You Know You Need One!

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